Space-saving fire protection dampers

Our fire protection gates are suitable for all industries and are planned and installed according to custom requirements. All gates can also be made of stainless steel if required by the project, especially in food-industry applications.

In the area of conveyor technology, our fire protection gates are suitable for both interrupted and continuous conveyor systems, such as belt, roller and drag chain conveyors.

The hold-open system (magnetic clamp) normally holds open the gates next to, above or below the wall opening. If the installed smoke detector triggers a fire alarm, the fire protection gate moves into the gap made by the conveyor system, covers the opening and seals it completely with overlap.

If you choose the design with motor drive, you can operate all functions directly using the control system of the hold-open system and a manual on-site switch (HVO).



Assessment: Fire resistance class EI90
Application: BRK EU
Size: Max. width: 1500mm
Max. height: 1500mm
(Larger breakthroughs require approval on a case-by-case basis)
Test provisions: EAD 350022-01-1107
Authorisation: ETA 20/0624